One Stop – Bull Shop
It’s Time – Thumbing through all those bull catalogs.
Making the plans to purchase the next generation of Bulls to
cover your herd.

How many catalogs are sitting on your table and In your Truck?
Your spouse has to move them just to set the table for Dinner.
EPDs – BW, WW, Stayability.

Sorting through all the Data – To make that Informed decision
On which bulls to attempt to purchase.

Budgets –

What if you could find that BULL (fits your budget) – that will make the
difference in the Genetic makeup of your enterprise
To set you Apart

That BULL is out there – In fact there will be a number of them out there
that will make the Difference.

Seed Stock Directory and The Bull Buyers Guide are being developed
to organize a complete directory of all Seed Stock Producers
Their Bulls and EPDs.
The One stop place to do your research and narrow down the right GENETICS
for your herd.